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Project Part I

Preparing the Share with Mental and Substance Disorders for plotting

Hypothesis Testing

Using computer simulation. Based on examples from the infer package. Code for Quiz 13.

10: Bootstrapping and Confidence Intervals

Based on Chapter 8 of Modern Dive. Code for Quiz 12


Based on Chapter 7 of ModernDive. Code for Quiz 11.

Data Visualization

Code for Quiz 9

Exploratory Analysis II

Data Visualization, part 2. Code for Quiz 8

Exploratory analysis

Data visualization, part 1. Code for Quiz 7.

Joining Data

Code for Quiz 6, more dplyr and our first interactive chart using echarts4r.

Data Manipulation

Code for Quiz 5. More practice with dplyr functions.

Post 3

A short description of the post.

Summary statistics

Comparison of R and Excel

Reading and Writing Data

Comparing Country CO2 Emissions Per Capita

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